Tuesday, August 19, 2008

About Creatively Homemaking

"She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness." Proverbs 31:27

Creatively Homemaking was designed to help mothers and wives do just that...Creatively Homemake. We want to share with you ideas and tips that help you creatively manage your home through organization, money saving tips, time management, craft ideas, and more! Hope you enjoy your visit and PLEASE leave a comment to share your thoughts and ideas!

Hi, I'm Larra. As a full-time wife and stay at home mom, I work to find ways to efficiently and biblically manage my home. From simple organizational projects to in depth financial over-hauling, I love the duties that my husband, Matt, entrusts me with. We have been married for 3 1/2 years and have 2 precious sons, Brody and Carson. We are actively involved in our church and are so blessed by our friends and the community we have there. Much of what I've learned about being a wife and mom has been taught to me by older, wiser women there. When I'm not tending to matters of the home, I am busy running my part-time photography and design business. Meet my sis-in-law/college roommate below! She's been my partner in crime for so long..it only made sense to have her join me in this endeavor!

Hi, my name is Leigh Ann and I have decided to start writing with Larra on this blog. I am very excited about this, to be able to share with others what I am learning about home management, time and money savings, and motherhood. And I am also excited about FEEDBACK and hearing/learning from others too!

Larra and I have been bouncing ideas off each other starting back to freshman year at Texas A&M, where we were roommates. We lived together for 3 years and in that time worked together and dated brothers, who are now our husbands! When Larra first started this site, she asked me if I wanted to be involved and I didn't jump right away, but I am now and ready to get writing!

A little bit more about me and my family: Brent and I have been married for 3 1/2 years. We live in a big city, but have a great community of friends and are enjoying life. We have one adorable, hilarious son named Cole who teaches me (LA) something practically everyday and definitely makes me laugh daily. It is a joy to watch him learn and grow each day. I absolutely love to work at home with him by my side.